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~lost in translation~

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This journal consists of mostly NEWS-related translations and the occasional personal entries.

Even though my journal is mostly about NEWS, my fandom extends beyond that.
Other than NEWS, my favorite groups are KinKi Kids, Super Junior and SS501.
My fangirling journey started with KinKi Kids in 2000 and I absolutely adore Domoto Tsuyoshi for his artistry, voice and sense of humor.
In late 2005, I started to notice NEWS through Ryo and Yamapi's work in dramas. Shige became my favorite member after I started translating his jweb and magazine interviews because he's just too smart and classic-fail at the same time. I also think that Koyama and Shige brings out the best in each other ^^
In around April 2009 my friend made me watch BOF even though I never had an interest in Kdramas and like so many others Hyun Joong caught my eye and that's how I got into SS501.
My SuJu fandom started after a friend gave me a crash course on these 13 crazy, dorky, hilarious and talented guys. My favorites are Yesung for his voice and fail XD, Sungmin for being the cutest thing ever, Hankyung for his broken Korean lol, Eunhyuk for his dancing skills and Heechul for being the diva.

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