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[Translation] Fineboys 0903 Student Style - Kato Shigeaki

After watching Shige on Kiseki no Kizuna I just felt like translating something of Shige :)
He is just so real.

What I can get from University life is about the same as what I get from NEWS

"When I go for my classes, I'll put a lot of effort into my dressing. I'm working very hard at giving off a celebrity aura! (laughs)"

Kato-kun, who is currently a 3rd year student in Aoyama Gakuin University, said that right from the beginning. Because he is juggling between studies and work, he can't participate in school club activities but Aoyama is in an excellent location between Shibuya and Omotesando. When the end of the year draws near, a giant Christmas tree can be found right after the school entrance with no lack of events like the Christmas Tree Lighting Festival.

"When I see the tree before my eyes, I'll think 'Ah I'm an Aoyama student'. After classes, we can have tea at the school cafeteria and there are many stylish restaurants nearby. I often drop by Shibuya, Harajuku or Aoyama to shop on my way home after class too."

Because he has been in Aoyama Gakuin since junior high, he has many long-time friends around him.

"I'm really thankful for my friends before the exams. Really, everyone should treasure their buddies!"

Surprisingly, when we asked him if he's devoting himself to his notes and past year exam question in preparation for his finals, the model student side of him starts to show.

"I've earned most of the first and second year credits. If I keep at this rate, I don't think I'll repeat a year."

So, since it's the third year, the students around you must be busy looking for jobs, isn't it?

"Times are hard now so I think it must be tough to get a job. I also have many friends who are studying to pass certification exams. For me, I'm already working so somehow I feel sorry about that......."

You didn't have to take exams for entry into the university since you were promoted from an affliated school but you studied very hard for the junior high entry exams. With your debut and the way to becoming a super idol opening up right before you, what made you choose to enter the university?

"It was less of a desire for knowledge but more because I wanted to develop social skills. I didn't really want to become someone totally immersed in showbiz and only knows about showbiz. The four years that I've spent with my friends in my university life has been as big a plus to my character-building as my activities with NEWS."

Even though the path to graduation is tough, it's really just a short period of the rest of your life when you think about it. Even then, it's four years that will play a big part in your life.

"I think you should attend university if your environment allows you to. Going to university will definitely not be a minus to you. I believe that what I can get out of the one year left before graduation is definitely not little."
Thanks for reading.
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