It's been over a year...

Somehow I just stopped posting here. Haven't really been translating except for helping out some friends with their subbing projects. Since then I have attended JYJ's Dome concert in Japan, toured Korea for the 2nd time, watched Suju's SS3 in Singapore and I can't remember...

To be honest, I have kind of drifted away from JE. It's something that I will always be interested in, it's just not as relevant for me like it used to be. Though, I still watch Domoto Kyoudai and try to keep up with NEWS updates (or rather the lack of it).
KPop was distracting and well, even that has died down for me though I'm still learning Korean.

And since I'm using more of twitter now (@cielmirage if you care), which is faster and shorter for someone lazy like me, I'll just be posting my random lyrics translations here. Current 'my boom' is Japanese band music. I'm still on a quest to get myself to Japan for work/study etc...

I guess most of my 'friends' here added me for Shige's mag translations lol, sorry to disappoint. Speaking of which I'm looking forward to his new drama in July. And this post is getting random as usual... well that's all for now. Hope everyone reading this is doing fine!

IDEK how anyone can imitate a helicopter XD

I couldn't sleep and was just clicking around on Youtube when I came across this. It starts around 00:20.
Jaejoong has amazing random talent :D

And, I was actually at Junho's showcase last evening, plus the press conference and fanmeet.
Junsu sounds so good live. Why did I not win the ballot for Thanksgiving Live sigh.
And Junho is such a hunk. I think that's a totally appropriate word for him with his big build.
Fancams will come later.

Come to think of it, I think this is my first DBSK-related post. I'm so not updated on LJ XD
To summarize, I started to notice DBSK after watching their last kouhaku perf...and it carried on from there.

So yeah, that's the end of this random post because I'm getting sleepy XD

[Translation] あなたがとなりにいるだけで (Just Because You Are Right Beside Me)

Just because this is my favorite song from NEWS' latest single.

The morning sun shines on the street after rain
Children with squinting eyes

Scenes like that become lovely
ever since I met you

I can say this now
That I'm blessed
Just because you are right beside me

I recall something I've nearly forgotten
Something very important

Just us laughing together
It's truly a miracle

I'll make a promise right now
In my own words
I will always protect you

This high wall before me
that would have been daunting if I were alone
We can overcome it together
Let's reach out with our hands now

Back in those days
I couldn't tell you this properly

I can say this now
That I'm blessed
Just because
you are right beside me
you are right beside me
Just because of that

I should get back to my Korean homework now XD
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This deserves a flail post

Was in heaven last night.
KFSHTLRIGKDF I actually attended SuJu's concert!
Still can't believe it somehow. I saw them in flesh. OMG.
My only gripe was it all ended too quickly XD
Well and I wish Yesung came over to our side more than just during his solo.
Sungmin is so adorable and sweet.
Donghae is just perfect.. seriously how can anyone look so good?!
Siwon is made of muscles.
Heechul is diva and crack all in one.
Ryeowook is really a girl XD
That's about all my fried mind can recall now.
This deserves a combined fan report to be contributed by trivialaffair, catskilt, htenywg, and myself.

I took lots of fancams but the bass lines made most of my audio full of booming sounds >< I was afraid that would happen because I could feel my own ribcage literally shaking during Don't Don and A Man In Love. But the video is of decent quality so I will be uploading it when I finally get a YT account XD
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